Motivation plan

Incentive schemes in “Best Practices of Companies Listed on the WSE”

Paweł Kawarski        29 December 2015        Comment (0)

1 January 2016 will be the first day on which the new code of corporate governance of the Warsaw Stock Exchange entitled “Best Practice of GPW Listed Companies 2016” are in force. The document as being the basic regulation of corporate governance of companies listed in Warsaw deserves a separate analysis (a brief introduction has […]

Selected motivation plans of public companies

Paweł Kawarski        15 May 2015        Comment (0)

The latest column published by “Parkiet” on 25-26 April 2015 titled “Institutional investors liked motivation plans” contains a few observations on employee-shareholding in Polish public companies. The column discusses “motivation plans”, which are oriented solely towards executives and managers. The plans may be divided into two groups. The first consisting of plans which main criterion […]