The amended Transparency Directive 2013/50/EC from the Polish perspective

Paweł Kawarski        30 January 2016        Comments (1)

Earlier this month I had little time to focus on aspects of employee shareholding as I undertook to participate in workshops titled “Transparency II Directive & MAR Regulation” taking place on 12-13 January 2016 in Warsaw.

My lecture was discussing the issue of “Electronic System of Information Transmission in the light of new manner of publication of ongoing and periodical reports” and other aspects of Transparency II. The System is used by companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange which represents the regulated market in Poland.

The answer is that coming into force of the new EU regulations will not change the Polish reporting infrastructure. However, the creation of the European Electronic Access Point (for details please see Final Report. Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on European Electronic Access Point (EEAP)) by 1 January 2018 may be useful instrument of collecting information on foreign issuers of concern also for local employee shareholders.

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