The White Paper of the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Poland

Paweł Kawarski        30 October 2015        Comment (0)

Today I am referring again to the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Poland. The Chamber issued in 2014 a document named “The White Paper. Proposals of investors regarding improvement of doing business in Poland” (in Polish: “Biała Księga. Propozycje inwestorów dotyczące poprawy warunków prowadzenia biznesu w Polsce”), in which a number of problems that entrepreneurs in Poland encounter in their day-to-day activities as well as solutions to those problems were described. Obviously, my attention was drawn to the part of the document which deals with the idea of employee shareholding.

It has been noted that implementation of employee shareholding triggers creation of common interests of employees and employer, it gives employees the possibility to participate in the long-term build-up of capital of the company. What is more, employee shareholding enables systematic accumulation of savings by employees.

The Chamber proposes introduction in Poland of separate legal regulations related to employee shareholding, in particular, to participation of employees in profits of their respective employers. Uniform practice of application of tax laws and removal of various barriers have been also identified as the most important factors allowing development of employee shareholding.

Based on research of Chamber’s experts, such regulations would lead to development of effectiveness of Polish businesses in consequence of establishing additional source of financing based on employees’ possibility to invest their earnings in the company’s capital. Furthermore, such legal regulations would likely lead to stability of employment, as well as to generating new jobs.

As tax issues are crucial to the idea of employee ownership in Poland, the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce updated the tax section of the White Paper and published it in April 2015 (Polish version is available online).

It seems that problems and demands listed by the Chamber are worth serious considering most important of which is the call for separate legislation involving employee shareholding in Poland, or at least the tax burdens should be tempered.

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