Will employee share ownership in Poland get started finally?

Paweł Kawarski        29 February 2016        Comment (0)

On 16 February 2016 the Polish government adopted “Responsible Development Plan”. The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki said in a statement:

The plan is a set of tools to make the development of Poland more dynamic. These are actions that will result in a positive and high-quality expansion of the Polish economy.”

The reason why I mention the Plan here is that the “pillar of the new development model” entitled “Capital for development” targets to encourage Poles to build capital for the future and increase their savings, and one of the means to achieve that is promoting employee stock ownership.

In particular Slide 39 of the “Responsible Development Plan” lists certain benefits of employee stock ownership:

  • Employees share the profits from raised capital
  • Increased ratio of savings in the economy
  • Increased work motivation
  • Tighter bond between companies and employees, the latter identify with their company more

One could only agree with these assumptions and I welcome them with real satisfaction, even though the Plan does not disclose what instruments will be used to meet these target.

Answering the query by an internet service money.pl “Employee shareholding. We have checked what the Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki encourages to” on the opportunity of the publication of the Plan, I identified tax issues as major obstacles preventing the development of employee ownership.

Let’s check early next year whether the Plan in this area will be implemented indeed or if it remains only a page of paper without a real meaning, just like many other proposals of the present and former governments.

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